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Modern Surrealism

Modern Surrealism

It's Surreal

Paintings gallery of surreal artworks, visual poetry,
fantastic artworks and all that jazz.

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Visual Adumbrations

A small set of artworks, not quite belonging anywhere else.

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Surreal Drawings

The Simplest Tools

Basic, eternal, and perfectly portable tools of creation.
Fantastic and surreal creation, naturally.

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Anibas Tarot

The Anibas Deck

Archetypes of transformation and personal evolution:
resensed, resurfaced, reinvented.

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Surreal Artworks

"Has anything ever been understood?"

"Does the idea of understanding not suppose the end of a process? The finality of conclusion? The end of interpretation?
Has anything ever been understood?"


Up, Close & Something

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Art Archive

Chronological Evolution

The chronological archive of all publicly shown and published artworks.

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