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5 stars A subtle discourse towards one’s freedom…

If you put some distance from pure philosophical discourse, but also some distance from recipes or opinions, both views on how to live well and happy, you get 22 Triggers.

You’ll never find yourself in the pure topic of philosophy (yet being a marvel in itself), nor in the pure topic of countless lessons on how you should act concretely.

That book is balanced, hovering in a kind of magic equilibrium, which may – hum, trigger – the most effective drive to move forward and grow up, in the sense that it relies on the wisdom of ideas human beings have to think about since thousands of years, but it is fortunate enough not becoming directive to the point of giving solutions that could be suitable for someone but not for someone else.

So, everyone will easily agree with what is said, because everyone would, then, find their own more particular way to happiness, freedom…

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5 stars Very inspiring

I have read 22 Triggers in one day and late evening. It moved me, mostly for challenging some of my own well-established patterns. Beautifully composed stories and moving life experiences inspired me to examine my own experiences and deeply rooted personal thoughts and beliefs and put them into a new perspective, over some of the exercises the book offers. Some of them are well known to me, but I had somehow forgotten them or left them behind. It was an interesting encounter from this point in my life to see where and why curiosity became trapped in some of my comfortable habits. This and many other questions enhanced with corresponding exercises are a very inspiring part of the book!

The less satisfied I was with some of my personal answers, the greater the inspiration for change and growth. And that is what this book offers as a challenge. It shows an interesting path possibility to transcend personal limitations and fears in order to meet the naked self, as only then one meets one’s greatness and potential. And all of that is presented as a possibility of choices on the journey of personal evolution. It remains on my study desk as one of the books one likes to come back to, here and there.

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5 stars
First, let me say that I have read 22 Triggers in one afternoon. I couldn’t put it down.

Some people are ahead of their time. The ideas expressed in this book are pure and strong. This is what we could be, what we, perhaps, will be. Some day.
Perhaps thanks to books like this.

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