Fellow Being

Fellow being, what a beautiful phrase in the English language.
It can refer to a human being, but also any other kind of being, such as an animal.

“Every stranger should be treated with the same basic respect, simply for being a fellow being.”

Due to the particular implications of the above quote from 22 Triggers, I cannot use the same phrase in the German version of the book.

Because, in German, the only translation for “fellow being” is “Mitmensch”, and Mensch means human being. The German word, therefore, doesn’t imply all kinds of fellow beings, the way the English phrase does.

There are other words, such as Erdenbürger which, literally translated, means earth resident, but it just doesn’t have the same flair.

I could invent new words. Mitwesen would be fitting, in this case. That would be the variant closest to the English fellow being. Either that, or yet another German rewrite to express certain thoughts in an entirely different manner rather than translating the already expressed.

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