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Tarot The Devil

Tarot: The Devil

Tarot paintings: The Devil

When everything is someone else’s fault. When you think that the world owes you something. When you are the victim, again and again. When you are obsessed with yourself. When you are caught by your own drama and keep maintaining it.

Think of each of the chain links as one of the things that are weighing you down. The chains are but an illusion. There are no chains other than those that You are holding on to. All you need to do is let go... turn around... and climb that ladder out of the pit. You are in control, even if you don’t see it at the moment.

Aural associations

The music of this Tarot card. Please note: The titles of the selected songs are irrelevant, it is about the vibrations of the music compared to the vibrations of the card. These are personal choices.

Jack Wall & Sam Hulick
Sovereign’s Theme

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