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Notions A Sketch Story

A sequence of events has inspired the creation of this very short story by David White, a writer and friend.
During the Viennese long night of museums (Lange Nacht der Museen) in 2012, one of Sabina's colleagues, Vesna Krasnec, took this photograph of Sabina in a local restaurant close to the museum of fantastic art.

David, upon seeing the photograph, spontaneously wrote the following short story, the term “sketch story” may be fitting.

Sabina Nore, photo by Vesna Krasnec

"She was beautiful, sitting alone in a restaurant, cigarette attached to right hand, face turned to her right, pensive, profile of Athena. Her long bare neck a blank canvas excepting an unpretentious necklace. I'm not an artist, but I know I could have painted a masterpiece on that canvas with my lips. I was drunk, and she was alone, except for the two daisies in a simple vase on her table.

The moment would pass and a million more would take its place, but I knew no moment would ever match that moment, like the first time you see a sunrise, the first time you see something you know has been kissed by the universe. You are thankful; you have seen true beauty. Many never do. You now know it exists, no longer some myth. Life in the gutters would never be the same. You now knew there was beauty in the world, even if only for a moment, but maybe, just maybe, if you hung around long enough, maybe one more such moment would present itself.

And that hope was worth staying alive for."

David White October 2012


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